The University of Queensland's Biological Resources services the needs of UQ researchers in maintaining and evaluating animal controls. This includes providing local veterinary clinics with pathology services, genetic research for horses, glasshouse facilities and a wide range of general animal-related services.

Diagnostic services for local veterinary clinics


Serves local vet clinics with standard pathology services as well as cutting edge technologies not available through commercial laboratories:

  • Clinical pathology (Haematology, Biochemistry, Hormonal)
  • Parasitology
  • Microbiology
  • Histology
  • Cytology
  • Anatomical Pathology
  • Post-mortems


Information and booking

(07) 5460 1843

Vet Science building 8114, Gatton Campus

Equine genetic research


  • DNA profiling for Identification and Parentage Analysis
  • Genetic screening tests for coat colour/patterns, genetic diseases and sex identification
  • Genetic testing using DNA profiling or other genetic markers for resolution of Forensic/Regulatory case
  • DNA profiling/genetic testing from samples from deceased horses
  • Prediction of horses (or matings of horses) at high risk of producing foals with haemolytic disease (neonatal isoerythrolysis)
  • Secure sample storage/banking (available for future additional testing)


Information and booking

(07) 3365 3599

Australian Equine Genetic Research Centre (AEGRC), Chemistry Building 68, St Lucia Campus



  • Evaporatively cooled glasshouses
  • PC2 evaporatively cooled temperature controlled glasshouse rooms
  • Temperature controlled quarantine space
  • External growing areas
  • Controlled and ambient light growth cabinets and incubators
  • Dark rooms
  • General laboratory
  • Teaching space


  • Support equipment (autoclave, cement mixer, dehydrator, electric trolleys and wheelbarrows, soil mixer, rotary hoe, leaf area measuring equipment, microscopes, weather station)
  • Services (labour, watering, pest management, forklift/bobcat works)
  • Various potting mixes or made to order potting media
  • Consumables required for plant growth and care


Ken Hayes

Central Glasshouse Services

(07) 3365 3027

Central Glasshouse Services, St Lucia Campus

UQ Biological Resources


  • Houses breeding and experimental animals
  • General husbandry
  • Sample collection
  • Imaging services
  • UQBR 'one stop shop' Animal Importation Services
  • Transgenic Services
  • Embryo rederivation and cryopreservation services
  • Tissue collection for genotyping
  • Colony Management
  • Strains List available
  • Provision of Laboratory animals
  • Lab animal housing and care
  • Lab animal research facilities
  • Training in animal care and handling
  • Assistance in undertaking experimental procedures
  • Advanced reproductive and husbandry techniques
  • Large animal research facilities
  • Antibody production


Administration Manager

Rebecca Bruce

Information and bookings

(07) 3346 4213

UQ Biological Resources Facility, all campuses