About research at UQ

Professor Robyn Ward
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

The University of Queensland is one of Australia's premier research institutions.

Emboldened by a record of success and the prospect of contributing to the answers to the world’s great challenges, UQ people are aiming ever higher to deliver benefits to society and the environment worldwide.

The University maintains a world-class, comprehensive program of research and research training. 
We aim for international standards of excellence across the spectrum of research, from fundamental, curiosity-driven work that builds the stock of knowledge and leads to new research questions to applied research and innovation with direct applications to industry and communities. The extent to which we succeed is evident from the quality and impact of our research.

As we marvel at the positive impact of UQ research, it is clear that exceptional partners and allies are instrumental in taking the benefits of UQ innovation to people all over the world.

To all our collaborators and friends in industry, government, philanthropy and the not-for-profit sector: thank you!

Students and young researchers in the talent pipeline take guidance and inspiration from seasoned innovators in their UQ community.  It is a UQ Research Week tradition to award both rapidly ascending researchers and excellent supervisors. 

With your support, UQ teams have:

  • created a phone app that can diagnose respiratory illness, helping millions on people worldwide
  • developed a cancer vaccine that can save an estimated 250,000 lives per annum
  • empowered 4 million families to create the kind of environments where children can flourish
  • created a new pain relief drug to help millions of chronic pain sufferers around the world
  • developed superconductor technology used in two-thirds of the world's MRI machines.

You help make UQ:

  • a top 50 global university
  • number 1 Australian institution in Nature Index (2016)
  • a leading research institution with 100% of research at or above world standard (55% well above)
  • number 1 recipient of ARC grants Fellowships and Awards nationally across all scheme years (332 awards worth $227 million)

With your support, UQ has:

  • grown industry funding for research by 35% since 2012
  • seen 164+ UQ staff and professors emeriti become Fellows of Australia's learned academies
  • awarded 3353 PhDs in the last five years (2012-2016)
  • enrolled 4573 Higher Degree by Research students in 2016.

You can read about winners of the 2017 UQ Foundation Research Excellence Awards, Partners in Research Excellence Awards, and the Awards for Excellence in Research Higher Degree Supervision on Research Week and view the Research at UQ video for an overview of UQ's research excellence. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of outstanding researchers and emerging stars. Together, let's follow and support their careers as they seek to create change.